Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to Grants 101!

Come into the world of grant seeking: a wonderful and challenging
experience that can help your organization grow!

This site is a collection of educational resources to help you learn the basics to write grant proposals and obtain funding.

Foundation and corporate grants represented about 18% of the more than $300 billion in charitable giving in the US in 2009. To obtain grants, organizations need to prepare and invest time and resources. That work can pay off with grants for wonderful new projects that help your organization do its work even better than today.

On the right, you will see the pages of this website: Video Interviews with Non-profit Professionals, Online Grants Classroom, and Links.

In Video Interviews, you can get advice from an experienced non-profit leader or learn about salary issues in the non-profit sector.

In the Online Classroom, you can view short educational segments on Fundraising and Grants, Elements of a Proposal, Logic Models, and Writing the Budget.

In Resources, you can explore other non-profit resources that may be useful to you.

Take some time to explore these materials, and good luck with your next grant proposal!


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